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Access control systems in Ukraine

Access control system (ACS) is a professional equipment for effective control of movement and access to some places on the object. Access control system allows not only limit the access but also identify the personal, which came to the territory, as well as calculate the employees’ working time with possibility of yesta integration into 1C accounting 
Our company offers the full list of services connected with the system of access control: 
• Designing of the Access control system in Ukraine
Assembly and installation of Access control system in Ukraine 
• Forming of net-system of ACS
• Integration of ACS with 1C accounting software (for the purpose of working time 
• Installation of blocking equipment Access control system (barriers, electrical locks, electrical magnet locks etc.) 
• Service of Access control system
Systems of access control divided on the following categories depending of the type of rights and integration level: 
• Contactless Access control system
• Biometric Access control system
• Autonomous Access control system
• Net Access control system